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Covering subjects from permaculture, preparedness, and homesteading to cooking, health, politics, and entrepreneurship from a biblical worldview.
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Equipping you to build a self-sufficient homestead in uncertain times

Dec 3, 2016
On today’s program we interview Blake Akers, one of the partners, designers and promoters of Agritrue, which is a private alternative food Certification to USDA Organic Certification. Blake explains what Agritrue is and what it is trying to accomplish. Agritrue … Continue reading
Nov 21, 2016
On today’s program, Monica and I discuss the purpose of The Prepared Homestead. We talk about several aspects of our operation and what they mean. We discuss what preparedness means and our approach to the concept. We talk about what … Continue reading
Nov 4, 2016
On today’s podcast Monica and I discuss some considerations for growing food without getting complicated or spending a lot of time working on the property. Set good goals – most people either don’t set goals at all or they say … Continue reading
Oct 26, 2016
One of the main activities we’ve been engaged in on the homestead is getting our gardens ready for winter, and prepped for an even more productive spring. One thing to keep in mind when prepping your gardens for winter and … Continue reading
Aug 22, 2016
In today’s podcast we discuss building resiliency with our new battery bank. You can buy it here. We are joined by the innovator and owner of Tactical Woodgas: Mike Leister and go over, setup, employment, capabilities and limitations of TPH … Continue reading
Aug 17, 2016
On today’s podcast Monica and I interview Paul Munsen, the president of Sun Oven International. We discuss solar cooking as well as some of the great things his company is doing in developing countries. Paul and his Sun Oven are … Continue reading
Aug 10, 2016
On today’s podcast Sean and I discuss my upcoming video series “30 Days Off-Grid Cooking & More.” During this series I will be covering the use of several items we own, use and endorse including our Back Up Battery Bank … Continue reading
Jul 28, 2016
Today’s podcast is up! We recorded on Facebook Live this morning so don’t forget to check that out and subscribe to Live notifications! On today’s podcast Monica and I talk about one of our main homestead goals: By August, 2016 … Continue reading
Jul 21, 2016
Today’s podcast covers the important subject of creating multiple streams of income. We are not focusing on making these things your primary or only source of income, rather we are trying to get you thinking about ways you can add … Continue reading
Jul 8, 2016
On today’s podcast we look at three fertilizer teas. If you are trying to stay away from chemical fertilizers then this podcast is for you. We talk about comfrey, rabbit manure and vermicompost tea! All of these teas work great. … Continue reading
Jul 4, 2016
Remember our founding and what we declared Independence from. Rights are not give us by government but by God. Government is to do nothing but secure those rights. God bless and Happy Independence Day!
Jun 27, 2016
On today’s podcast mon and I talk about the three best animals to start homesteading with. It doesn’t matter if you are
Jun 24, 2016
In today’s podcast, Monica and I talk about 5 plants to grow for animal forage. Two main reasons to grow animal forage are
Jun 21, 2016
In today's podcast we cover 4 reasons to grow hops. Here's a great book if you want to get into growing hops. The Hop Grower's Handbook: The Essential Guide for Sustainable, Small-Scale Production for Home and Market 1. They provide excellent shade at the hottest time of the year. Once established, hops grow around 25' a year with broad leaves and thick heavy vines. This is an ideal plant for an area that are in need of shade! 2. Hops are a great forage for animals. Our goats rabbits and chickens love to eat the leaves. The fruit has been studied for its effects as alternatives to antibiotics in feedlot cattle diets, impacts on rumen metabolism, animal performance and health. 3. Hops have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Hops have tonic, nervine, diuretic and anodyne properties. Probably the most common use of hops medicinally is for a calming and sleep inducing action. It is not uncommon on The Prepared Homestead to see an infusion from chamomile, lemon balm, mint and hops. Here's a great book to start with for medicnial herbs: Rosemary Gladstar's Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, and Use 4. Hops are widely used in beer and cider brewing as a stabilizing and flavoring agent. Hops are mainly used to provide bitterness and aroma to beer. Check out our website and consider joining our community membership: and please take a minute to leave us a review! Sean & Mon Continue reading
May 5, 2016
In today’s podcast Monica and I discuss our Medicinal Guild Project as well as our thoughts on Permaculture and the Modern Medical Industry. We encourage everyone to join our TPH community membership for valuable and exclusive content that includes a … Continue reading
Mar 26, 2016
On today’s podcast Monica and I interview Kyle Nagy who is an orchardist at Sandpoint Orchard. This is a great interview packed with a lot of valuable information for the home orchardist. This applies heavily to guilds and food forests as … Continue reading
Mar 15, 2016
In today’s podcast, Monica and I talk about building a comprehensive water plan. We start by talking about some very important principles to guide your plan: observe, start at the highest point, start small and simple, slow, spread and soak … Continue reading
Mar 5, 2016
On today’s podcast, Monica and I interview Dan McDonald who is running for local office in Bonner County, Idaho. To be specific he is running for the County Commissioner seat in district 3. Why is this podcast important for you … Continue reading
Feb 26, 2016
In this podcast Monica and I give a homestead update. We talk about receiving our first chicks of the season. We plan on doing three meat runs and decided to use Cornish X this year. We had some lessons learned … Continue reading
Feb 20, 2016
Today we got the opportunity to sit and talk with Christopher Herndon (17 years old). We asked him about his entrepreneurial experience (he started his first business when he was 12), but primarily talked about his current business (and passion), … Continue reading
Feb 18, 2016
In today’s podcast we talk David Kershner, who is a post apocalyptic world (PAW) author. We have an interesting discussion about the central question he poses in his books: What would it take to remove GMO’s from the US food … Continue reading
Feb 9, 2016
On today’s podcast we interview KrisAnne Hall, she is a pastor’s wife, homeschool mom, attorney, and former prosecutor who travels the country teaching the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. She is the Host of The … Continue reading
Jan 28, 2016
On today’s podcast, Monica and I discuss goal setting for the homestead. Goal setting for the homestead is so crucial it can’t be overstated. There is always a gap between a dream and reality. Goals are the glue that makes … Continue reading
Jan 25, 2016
In this podcast, Monica and I interview Teri Page, author, wife, homeschooling mom, and homesteader. In October, 2012 her family of four packed up from their Oregon homestead of 13 years and moved next door to their good friends in … Continue reading
Jan 13, 2016
Today we discuss strategies for preparing to homestead. We cover everything from “unplugging from the matrix” to commitment, education, and finances. If you are thinking about homesteading or getting ready to make the move, this will help get you ready. … Continue reading
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